Things Didn’t End that Way

A year ago I found myself in my dorm room writing this suicide note to my family and friends. No one knew the pain I felt and that I felt all alone. It seemed like everything I held dear was walking away from me without cause or explanation and I wanted to give up! People … Continue reading Things Didn’t End that Way


The Silent Place:Mask Off

After my relationship ended I had no choice but to deal with the issues I had been trying to cope with without God's help. In fact, while in the silent place, I learned that if I had allowed God to enter into the hurting places in my life that,  I wouldn't have been forced to … Continue reading The Silent Place:Mask Off

HerWorship Guest Blogger: “Do You Know Your Worth?”by Jasmine Thomas

About the Author: Jasmine L. Thomas is a follower of Christ, lover of family, a powerful educator, an entrepreneur, and an encourager to everyone she encounters. She is a passionate advocate for educational and Christian-based empowerment amongst youth and women. To live out this calling, Jasmine has most recently launched a tutoring business and a … Continue reading HerWorship Guest Blogger: “Do You Know Your Worth?”by Jasmine Thomas