The Silent Place:Mask Off

After my relationship ended I had no choice but to deal with the issues I had been trying to cope with without God’s help. In fact, while in the silent place, I learned that if I had allowed God to enter into the hurting places in my life that,  I wouldn’t have been forced to just “cope” with my stored up hurt.  According to , the definition of cope is “to struggle or deal, especially on fairly even terms or with some degree of success”. In other words , when you are coping with something you are learning how to live life knowing that whatever is bothering you is going to be what it is and while it is there you also learn to not allow it to alter your state of being. My problem with coping is that it promotes “struggling good”. What do I mean by that? I mean that coping presents this question: “Things are the way that they are; How are are you going to deal with the pain”?  God offered me a different question:

” Things are what they are, now are you going to let Me deal with the pain?”

The silent place gave my no choice but to allow God to step into my hurting places. This is when I learned that God could provide me with more than just the ability to cope. He could provide me with the blessing of being completely healed. Now, I am not saying that the process of healing doesn’t have times in which you will be forced to acknowledge why you are hurt but, with God things don’t have to be so final. You don’t have to just keep the hurt and learn how to live life like it isn’t there.

After my relationship ended , I allowed God access to my wounds. By doing so, I learned that my pain ran deeper that just a failed relationship. I learned that my issue with rejection was not just because he found love in someone else, my issue with rejection was just the fruit that grew from things that were done and said to me as a child. For so long I had placed my pain on a person when my pain had way deeper roots than one human being . Yes my pain had roots, branches, and fruits.  As God began to dig deep into my wounds, it honestly seemed like the pain was only getting worse. However, I realized that in order for God to truly heal me, He had to heal the wounds I had places bandaids on. He had to to heal the wounds I had been coping with but not healing from. In the silent place, I couldn’t wear the mask that coping provided me with. I was completely exposed and this exposure brought healing to my soul.


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