The Silent Place: Getting to the Silent Place (Intro)

In late July I asked God to do a major work in me. I asked God to strengthen my relationship with Him. I asked God to strip away the things that were not like Him and to add to my life the things I needed in order to be  more successful in my personal relationship with Him. My reasoning for doing this is because I realized that although my works were unto Him my lifestyle was not. Since the day I REALLY got saved , I have devoted my time and energy into full time ministry. I felt that devoting my life to ministry is what I needed to do in order to please God.

Although being devoted to full time ministry was not a bad thing, somewhere along the way my personal relationship with God got buried under the constant business of ministry.  Falling on my face at the altar,planning programs, writing sermons, and gleaming from the message of hope provided by my pastor was no longer enough for me and most of all it was no longer enough for God. Doing all of these things are helpful to my relationship with God but they don’t replace it. With this fact in mind I sought out on a journey to uncover my relationship the God. I sought out to get to know God as Abba. Little did I know that the journey would be a bit more difficult that i had anticipated.

On my journey God began to strip things away from me. One of the biggest things being an unhealthy relationship I was in. Although I knew that it was necessary for this relationship  to fall apart , I couldn’t help but to feel loneliness creeping in. Throughout this relationship the door was always open for him to go and comeback into my life as he pleased (and vice- versa) but this time God shut the door so good that there is no way for anyone to come in or out. I had no choice but to sit in this lonely, silent place in my life. It was in the silent place that I learned this relationship I had been in had become an idol and the effort I put into full time ministry became the offering to God that replaced my life.Even though I felt alone in this place , it is where I found myself having the most intimate conversations with God. I quickly  began to realize that the silent place  was where i was going to recover my relationship with my Heavenly Father. In order for God to truly show me what it was like to have a personal relationship with Him , He had to get me to myself.

Over the next few weeks I am going to share my honest experience in the silent place. I know that even if one person reads my posts on “The Silent Place” it will have been worth writing.

 Author: Asia V. Rodgers


4 thoughts on “The Silent Place: Getting to the Silent Place (Intro)

  1. ladybanni says:

    I can totally relate. When God starts to do a shift in your life and removes all the unclean and distractions, he is preparing to exalt you. To take you into another level or season that you can’t get there with baggage. Hallelujah!!! I bless God For you!!!


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