Get Ready for Purpose

God has put it on my heart to tell you all this. In this season God longs to hear your worship. Some of us have been quiet for too long and some of us feel like we can’t worship because of what we are going through and who we are. I want to let you know that while you are worshiping and seeking the will of God, He WILL be working things out behind the scenes! God is about to use your gifts for His will. Did you know that your gift can bring deliverance. I believe that in HerWorship we have some future book writers, poets, dancers, singers, prophetesses, ministers, and business owners. In this season we will witness our enemies being exposed and don’t be surprised if your enemies are the ones you are closest too. God is about to wipe some things out of your life so that he can push in His will for your life. Women of God get ready to worship God, get ready to use your gifts, and get ready for some things to get exposed for the sake of your purpose.


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