HerWorship: Are You Mara?

Most of us are aware of the story of Ruth in the bible. While studying the book of Ruth for our first HerWorship bible study I began to get convicted by the Holy Spirit. He simply whispered to me, “Are you Mara?”. You may be thinking what does that even mean?! Lets look a Ruth 1:20-22:

20 “Don’t call me Naomi,” she told them. “Call me Mara, because the Almighty has made my life very bitter. 21 I went away full, but the Lord has brought me back empty. Why call me Naomi? The Lord has afflicted me; the Almighty has brought misfortune upon me.22 So Naomi returned from Moab accompanied by Ruth the Moabite, her daughter-in-law, arriving in Bethlehem as the barley harvest was beginning.

Naomi means pleasant and/or delightful but, in verses 20 Naomi refers to herself as Mara meaning bitter . Naomi had been through so much in her life that not only did she change her outlook on life (Ruth 1:11-13) but her identity as well. Here we see a picture of a woman who went from pleasant to bitter because of life circumstances. Verse 22 tells us that the two woman (Ruth and Naomi)  came to Bethlehem from Moab at the beginning of the barley harvest.

Reading this I instantly understood what the Holy Spirit was saying. Have you come to a place where you are so distracted by your problems that you fail to realize your harvest? Have you gotten weary in your well doing? Have you stopped believing that God will provide? What Naomi went through was horrible but even in horrible situations God still provides. The Lord provided Naomi with a committed daughter in law and friend and He lead her to a place where she would reap the harvest ( Ruth 3:16-17).

Understand that life can and will get hard at times but in those time you have to believe that you serve Jehovah Jireh (The Lord who provides). You must also know that you are still who God called you to be! Have you noticed  that regardless of Naomi’s request to be called Mara that the bible still refers to her as Naomi!

Know that regardless of what life looks like, God has a plan and a purpose for you (Jeremiah 29:11). We cannot allow the devil to creep in and tell us otherwise!



Asia Rodgers

Founder of HerWorship



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