HerWorship: Who are You Putting First

Many times in our lives we can start to feel alone. We can be in a room full of people and yet we will still feel alone. I recently went through a time where I felt extremely alone. I felt that everything and everyone was against me. I realized that one of the reasons I was feeling this way was because my spirit was starving! I was so focused on everything else in my life that I wasn’t making room for God! I started to feed I to people coming against me but if I had just kept my eyes and mind of Christ, none of it would have mattered as much as I made it matter.
I even put my job before the Lord. I made the decision to get two jobs this summer even though my spirit was telling me not to. I was bringing unnecessary stress upon myself. This week I decided to follow the orders of the holy spirit and quit my second job. I have felt nothing but relief ever since. Now I have time to fully serve God. I have time to read my word and pray like I should. I no longer have excuses!

I say all that to say that sometimes we put things onto ourselves. We know there are things in our lives and people in our lives that should not be there. We have even gotten confirmation from the Holy Spirit that we need to let those people and things go and yet they remain in our lives. When you refuse to give up the people and things that God wants you to give up for His purpose , you hold back your own destiny! Why would you abandon destiny for in the moment happiness?

Have you ever wondered why you haven’t received what you are praying about? Maybe it’s because you have to many things and people around you and in your ear. Maybe it’s because your focus is always on everything but what God wants from you. God is looking for the believers who are willing to say , ” Lord, this thing or person keeps me comfortable but if you tell me to give it or them up I will!”

I’m not saying that God doesn’t want you to be happy! He most certainly does however, how can you grow when you are always on you comfort zone!
Come on worshipers we have to get back into God’s face again! He is waiting!


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