HerWorship Life: He leads me beside the still water..

This may seem like a simple beautiful picture of water and rocks but to me this picture is much more. Over a year ago I felt that everything around me was crashing down. People were walking out of my life left and right and depression had taken over full force. One day I found myself crying for hours. I decided to drive to a park in Decatur, AL to sit by the water. That day I did much more than sit by the water, I found myself in conversation with God. This conversation was filled with questions of why mixed with tears of regret. While waiting on God to answer me I simply heard the Holy Spirit tell me to take this picture. I really didn’t understand why but with tears still rolling down my face I took this picture with my phone. I honestly felt it was stupid. Out of all the things I was asking God, He tells me to take a picture?!

It wasn’t until today that I grasped to fullness of why the Holy Spirit told me to take this photo. I thought that the picture was just meant to remind me that God is always with me and I believe that is still part of the purpose however today as I was sitting down reading Psalm 23 from the bible, I couldn’t  get past the second verse which says,”He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside still waters”. I read that one verse about seven times! Then this picture popped up in my mind. I went through the pictures in my phone to find it and when I saw it  I immediately realized that in the moment that I took this picture, God was promising me that he was going to lead me into a place of  peace and rest.

It made me realize that while I spent months thinking that God was ignoring me I didn’t even know that we had answered me right in the moment that I was seeking Him. I was  so caught up in the problems and people  that I lost focus on what really mattered and that is my relationship with Christ. That is what this picture expresses. The rocks are only a small potion of the picture but, the water makes up the majority of it.

In everything you go through remember that your problems will never be greater than the peace God can and  WILL provide.



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