HerWorship Poetry: “Skin I’m In” 

You ever had so Much to say

That you weren’t quite sure where to start

Make sure you really hear

the words coming from my heart

Don’t judge me because of the color of my skin

Its the skin God chose me to be in

Many people choose not to see

The potential deep within me

The struggle that we face daily

Man that’s really crazy

My people have been oppressed

Whip marks across their chests

They’ve been hosed down to the ground

Left without a voice, yet forced to make a sound

Their cries ring out in my ears

I have no choice but to hear

The stories of their bravery

And how they paved the way for me

To stand here and be free

But are we really free from all the negativity

The side glances, the misplaced fear,

The stereotypes, and yet we’re still here

Stoplights, blood banks, potato chips, Almanac

Gas masks, microphones, waterguns, dust pans

All these came from a black man’s hands

And we were undermined

But you cannot stop our minds

We have to speak up

Our voices must resound

They cannot hold us down

My brothers and sisters are getting killed, mistreated by cops

And no, this is not

a shot

At cops

Don’t let a few bad seeds ruin the crop

This violence has to stop

We already have one strike against us

As a black female , I have two

But don’t you dare judge me by my hue

You can’t truly begin to understand

Unless you are also in the skin I’m in

I worry so much

About the child I may have one day

Because when I look around me

It seems like we are being hunted like prey

And yes all lives matter

But we have to stand up and truly fight for ours

We have to fight against the statistics that say most of us will end up behind bars

We have to fight harder to show employers that we can do the job just as well

We have to fight to show educators that we have just as many brain cells

We have to fight because we know we have to be twice as good, to even get half of what is given to them

And through it all we must try not to condemn

And so we fight and fight and fight

Even when the battle doesn’t seem winnable

We fight and fight and fight

Even though the mountaintop isn’t clearly visible

We fight and fight and fight

Because someday we hope to see things truly change

Because someday we want people’s thought patterns to be rearranged

We want them to see that our skin color doesn’t make us inferior

Because we are so much more than our exterior

And when my time on earth is done

And this body has passed away

And I’m standing in front of the Son,

On that very day

The color of my skin will be of no worth

What will matter is that I fulfilled my purpose here on earth

That I used the gifts God gave me

And brought glory to His name

That I was unashamed

And When on my head God places the crown

It won’t matter that on earth my skin was brown

You see, I have a purpose greater than me

Something that takes spiritual eyes to see

I’m closing, so you may want to write down these last lines in pen:

I, Kabreshia Cheatom, am so much more within

Don’t get me wrong though, I love the skin I’m in
-Kabreshia Cheatom


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