HerWorship Style: My Top 3 Places to Shop(Plus Size Edition)

It’sFashionMetro is my all time favorite place to rack up on plus size clothing. They are extremely affordable. However, it’s a must to shop with modesty in mind when coming to this store. Its all in how you put together your outfit. Nevertheless , this store is still my favorite store  to go to especially when I’m looking for a cute top or dress. I’m a clearance rack person most of the time so this store definitely wins my heart.

Cato is apart of the itsfashionmetro family so it’s not a surprise that this would come in second. Cato is a good place to go if you are going for more of a conservative yet stylish look. It is not extremely expensive but depending on what style your looking for , you could spend at least $50.00 on one outfit.

Torrid is really expensive to me however sometimes you find that you just have to have certain things and i find myself in that situation every time i come to this store (which isn’t to offend).





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